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The Geothermal newsletter is published bimonthly. It provides information of interest to the U.S. geothermal community, including:

  • Federal Update Information on legislation relevant to geothermal development;

  • Headline News — News which may be of interest to the geothermal community and geothermal entrepreneurs; and

  • State Roundup — A summary of what is going on in the region as a whole and the GeoPowering the West states, including state geothermal working groups.

Current and past issues

Past issues of the newsletter may be accessed by clicking on the links below:




Stay current

Since its inception in April 2002, the newsletter has been supported by the U.S. Department of Energy's GeoPowering the West Program. Due to a cut in funding, the newsletter was last published in July 2007. The Editor is hopeful that funding for the newsletter will be restored.

People are talking..

  • “Your newsletter is an important part of getting this country off the carbon fuels we have used for over one hundred years. It is important that your voice continue to be heard.”

  • “I am most sorry to hear that this is the last issue of the Geothermal-biz newsletter. I have not been involved with geothermal energy as long as many of the other wonderful people that I have met over the last couple of years, but the newsletter has always been a great source of information that I have valued...Your efforts have been most appreciated by all of us involved with geothermal energy development. Hopefully this is but a pause
    in publication and not a cessation of activities.”

  • “We will sorely miss your very informative publication and look forward to its speedy return!!!”

  • “I was sorry to see your article ‘ newsletter: All good things must come to an end’ – I hope you get that additional funding. The newsletter has been an important source of information through the years.”

  • “You have done an excellent job of providing an overview of the geothermal industry and that has been greatly appreciated!”

  • “You have done an unbelievable service to the Geothermal Community. I am so sad to see this publication stop!!”

  • “Great run of news, during an exciting time. You've covered it well, emphasizing, ‘Just the facts, Ma’am’.”

  • “The Newsletter has been serving a very important role for the geothermal community specifically and for the overall renewable energy community.”

  • “The publication is terrific.”

  • “I really enjoy and look forward to the newsletter. It is a very valuable overview of the industry activity.”

  • “Keep up the excellent work on letting us know about many of the happenings in the geothermal community.”

  • “I have once again found the Geothermal-biz newsletter very helpful, well put together, and fun to read. You do a great job of adding just enough text to keep it informative and quickly readable. Thanks for putting so much of your energy into keeping the geothermal community knowledgeable.”

  • “Thanks for the newsletter. Great stuff.”

  • “I’ve not received any emails since this one, and haven’t requested to be dropped… could you put me back onto your email list? Thanks!”

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